8 tips for Good Oral hygiene and healthy smile

Only the right oral hygiene insures that the whole family will have healthy teeth in the long term.

Teeth are the personal visit card of every human being. Every time we smile or talk, we show them to our counterparts. Dental diseases such as tooth decay or gingivitis are not only an aesthetic issue but can lead to pain and holistic problems throughout the body.

Daily oral / dental care for Lebensbiss & beautiful teeth

Teeth are extremely important to humans. The major function of teeth is part of the digestion process: to chew the food. Teeth need to bring top performance. In the course of a lifetime, they chop up about 18,000 tons of food, creating a chewing pressure of 300 to 400 kg.

At the same time, the teeth are exposed to constant attacks by acids and bacteria. There are billions of bacteria living inside our mouths at any given time. Many of these bacteria build up as plaque, causing tooth decay (cavities) and gingivitis, which can lead to periodontal (gum) disease. For a healthy smile, you must practice good oral hygiene every day. Brushing after meal and remove all food particles from interdental spaces at least once per day helps to keep these bacterial disease from reproducing in your mouth, and causing tooth decay. Dont forget healthy nutrition with minimized amounts of sugary and starchy food also helps to keep those bad bacteria under control.


The 5 Common Mistakes In Home Oral Care

  1. Wrong time: Never directly after acidic drinks such as fruit juices, soft drinks, energy drinks, …
  2. Forgetting the gaps between the teeth: food particles are a breeding ground for bacteria and causes tooth decay and gingivitis. The toothbrush alone removes only 45% of leftover food. The other half goes unnoticed between the teeth!
  3. Wrong brushing technique: Never brush horizontally, but always from red to white
  4. Too much pressure: Excessive pressure on the brush injures tooth enamel and gums
  5. Don’t forget about tongue cleaning: Deposits of bacteria and germs endanger your own health

How to do it right?

8 tips for proper oral care at home

  1. 2 × 2 minute
    Brush your teeth twice a day for at least 2 minutes and clean the interdental spaces.
  2. Use Toothpaste with natural herbs
    A high-quality toothpaste not only cleans, but also eliminates bacteria and combats bad breath, even during sleep.
  3. Oral irrigator for the interdental spaces
    Why an oral irrigator? Because the adjustable water jet reaches all areas of the mouth and removes all hidden food particles. Because water always finds its way. And so the bacteria have no chance for new tooth decay and gingivitis. Our clients have seen significant improvements in bleeding and inflammation of the gums and much less effort on professional oral hygiene and on the dentist. And to keep your own natural teeth longer is always better than replace them.
  4. Use a proven system while cleaning
    Always clean your teeth in the same order. So you do not forget any area and also remember suggestions for improvement from professional teeth cleaning
  5. Do not forget your tongue
    Use tongue scraper or a tongue brush to remove the coating on the tongue – very effective against bad breath.
  6. Children need
    • special children’s toothbrushes
    • a special children’s toothpaste with natural enzymes
    • The post-cleaning of the parents until the late elementary school age, because previously the fine motor skills for the right brushing technique is missing
  7. Check yourself regularly
    Check and train your home oral hygiene as part of professional teeth cleaning.
  8. At the conclusion use the Allrounder
    Regularly apply an oil-pulling cure to caress teeth, gums, mouth and body.

The better the oral care is at home, the more gentle and cheaper will be the professional oral hygiene and the visit to the dentist!