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What is Silodent?

Silodent stands for sustainable dental and oral health. With our comprehensive all-rounder concept oral hygiene becomes easy, and your teeth stay healthy for a lifetime. In this way unpleasant bad breath, tooth decay and inflammation of the gums can be avoided at an early stage. On our website you can find full-fletched information about the Silodent oral irrigator and other products. You can also get useful tips on the topic of dental health. Revolutionize your oral hygiene now – with Silodent!

Volkskrankheit Karies und Zahnfleischendz├╝ndung.

Comprehensive oral hygiene is essential for sustainable dental and oral health. This is the only way to keep your natural teeth as long as possible. Proper oral hygiene also works against tooth decay and periodontitis (gingivitis).
Today there is a general agreement among medical experts that periodontitis has a great impact on the entire body and puts a strain on the general health condition. Good oral health therefore ensures a healthy body.
Because: Health starts in the mouth!


Bacterial inflammation

Weakens body defence


Heart attack


Bowel disease

Increased risk of premature birth

Did you know that the toothbrush alone removes less than half of all food remains? The other half hides in the interdental spaces and forms the basis for most harmful bacteria. And this leads to tooth decay and gingivitis.
But it is so simple: no food remains – no harmful bacteria – no problems