What is Silodent?

Silodent is the revolution in oral hygiene at home. Why? Silodent helps you to fight the causes of the current or future dental diseases.  Very simple and straightforward: No food particles hidden in the interdental is simple – no harmful bacterial causing the diseases.  The application is pleasant and motivating. You notice the results immediately. it is a novel and easy-to-use oral irrigator.

  • Always in focus: the perfect reminder for daily oral hygiene as always in front of you ready to use
  • Efficient: Only 1-2 minutes and the food particles between the teeth are fully removed.
  • Space-saving: just connect the metal part to your water-tap in the bathroom and you can use Silodent immediately.
  • Flexible: You can attach Silodent to the water -tap in your sink in the bathroom, in the kitchen, on the shower or on any water-tap in your house or office. You can also take them with you when traveling.
  • Easy to use: The fine, concentrated jet of water can be infinitely regulated in terms of strength and temperature by the tap.
  • Hygienic: The water does not come from a container, but always fresh from the water pipe and meets the highest standards in most of the countries.
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly: the gold standard of oral hygiene without electricity!

How does Silodent work?

Silodent massages the gums and cleans teeth, interdental spaces and periodontal pockets very fast and efficiently. The food particles, otherwise, hidden in the interdental spaces and dental plaque are perfectly removed. Caries and periodontitis are combated. Your oral hygiene is significantly improved in just a few weeks.

When should you use Silodent?

The oral irrigator is applied before or after brushing your teeth both morning and evening. Of course, you can also use Silodent after every meal.

Application Notes:

  • Step 1: Start with low pressure until you are used to the oral irrigator. The same applies to acute periodontitis. With healthy gums and after getting used to, medium pressure is also possible.
  • Step 2: Direct the water jet approximately at right angles to the teeth and interdental spaces to remove loose pads (always “from red to white”).
  • Step 3: Then gently guide the water jet towards the gingival pockets. This will remove remaining plaque, oxygenate the periodontal pockets, and remove harmful bacteria.
  • Note: Possible inflammation-related gingival bleeding disappears after a short time when used properly.

A quick guide to assembly at first use can be found here: Assembly