Here’s how it works: Silodent can be used immediately in just a few steps

1. Remove the filter from the end of the water tap

If the filter cannot be unscrewed manually, place an adjustable wrench in the flat notches on the bottom of the filter and unscrew the filter.

2. Screw the metal filter from Silodent onto the tap

Make sure rubber seals # 1 and # 2 are in place. If there is a leak after the filter has been screwed onto the tap, add an extra rubber seal over the rubber seal # 2.

Note: If the thread of the tap does not match that of the attached adapter, please contact Customer Service for the required adapter.

  • Insert the hose completely into the connector

  • To connect the hose to the water nozzle, screw the lower part onto the water nozzle

  • To disconnect the hose from the metal connector, firmly press the blue ring – then pull out the hose

  • To disconnect the water nozzle from the hose, simply unscrew it from the bottom part