bad breath

Fresh breath is an important prerequisite for a confident and sympathetic appearance. It is therefore very important to openly address the halitosis issue and to look for a lasting solution.

Causes of bad breath/halitosis

Short-term bad breath is usually caused by food and beverages such as garlic or alcohol. Permanent bad breath (medical “Halitosis”) is caused in about 90% of cases by problems in the oral cavity – especially bacteria in the interdental spaces and bacterial tongue coating. Especially anaerobic bacteria in the interdental spaces and on the back of the tongue are to be called here as “culprits”. In addition, dental problems such as tooth decay or periodontitis can also cause the halitosis.

Stomach and nasal cavity cause halitosis in fewer than perceived cases. Sometimes the bad breath is caused by stress (dry mouth) or diets (especially in the absence of carbohydrates).

What to do if you have bad breath?

The most crucial and efficient is the appropriate daily oral hygiene. Bad breath is usually the result of bacteria in the mouth, especially in the interdental spaces and on the tongue. An optimal oral and dental care for the reduction of microorganisms is therefore indispensable in case of halitosis. (bad breath)

Regular proper oral hygiene and healthy teeth also prevent halitosis.
Pleasant and healthy breath and no bad breath.

What really helps against bad breath?

  1. Toothbrush? Of course, the toothbrush (electric or hand) removes many bacteria and plaque. But only half of the total! The food particles that stick to the interdental spaces continue to feed the bacteria.
  2. It is best to have regular and thorough oral hygiene at home! With toothbrush and the Silodent oral irrigator for cleaning the interdental spaces
  3. In addition it is recommendable to use a toothpaste with natural herbs. It combats the harmful bacteria in a natural way. The bad breath disappears too.
  4. Avoid factors that reduce salivation. No nicotine, low alcohol, low stress and caution with medication.
  5. Cleaning the tongue: you also remove the bacteria from the tongue with a especial tongue scraper. Tongue bacteria are often the cause for bad breath.
  6. Mouthwash? Also, a possibility. But the prolonged use of mouthwashes destroys not only the bad, but all good bacteria, which are also partly important for the health balance. Therefore, please use carefully and only for a short time.
  7. Great also helps an Oil Pulling. Apply it every morning up for about 10-15 minutes for 14 days immediately after getting up. Pull the oil mixture through your mouth, teeth and gums. The special mixture of oils will remove any harmful bacteria from your mouth, hence the bad breath, and also detox your whole body.
  8. Regular checkup with the dentist and professional oral hygiene: The better the oral hygiene is at home, the more enjoyable the professional oral hygiene and the dental visit.
Bacteria in the mouth can cause halitosis, bad breath in general and especially in the morning.
There are some tips to keep in mind that help prevent the cause of halitosis / bad breath.