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The Dentiste ‘Plus White Toothpaste is based on the latest dental technologies and contains 14 high-quality natural herbs, xylitol, vitamin C and other substances whose composition is specially adapted to the nocturnal oral flora. It inhibits the bacteria that cause bad breath and tooth decay during sleep.

14 natural herbs

Antiseptic and antibacterial herbal extracts that inhibit and control the development of oral bacteria (eucalyptus, clove, fennel, aniseed, chamomile, sweet gin, myrrh, cinnamon, licorice, ratanhia, mint, sage, salvia, catechu). This reduces gum inflammation and bad breath in the morning.


Natural sweetener that inhibits the growth of odoriferous bacteria on the teeth.

vitamin C

Antioxidantium that protects all cells in the mouth and helps prevent gingivitis.