Silodent Oral Irrigator

The Silodent Oral Irrigator is the perfect and innovative supplement for daily dental care at home. The oral irrigator creates a thin, strong enough, and easy to adjust jet of pure water, which completely removes food particles from the interdental spaces, in the areas where the toothbrush and other tools or devices cannot reach and therefore prevents dental plaque. When used daily, it keeps teeth and gums healthy, avoids tooth decay, relieves gingivitis and stops gum recession.


The problem with the oral hygiene

It is a well-known fact that the toothbrush (electric or manual) alone removes only about 45% of all food particles trapped between the teeth. The interdental spaces are not cleaned with it! Progression and build-up of dental plaque can give rise to tooth decay. The localised destruction of the tissues of the tooth by acid produced from the bacterial degradation of fermentable sugar leads to periodontal problems such as gingivitis and periodontitis; hence it is important to disrupt the mass of bacteria and remove it. 90% of adults and 70% of children have tooth decay. But no matter what we do, the most common bacterial disease does not disappear. The caries bacteria find their way into the mouth and spread there. Especially between the teeth, where they feed on interdental food particles. Similarly, periodontitis (gingivitis) is one of the most common dental diseases (80% of adults). It begins with a bacterial infection of the gums and then leads to infection of the dental bed and the degradation of the surrounding bone. It is the main cause of tooth loss and causes high damage and further diseases (heart attack, stroke, premature birth, …).

The Solution: SILODENT oral irrigator

It’s easy and it’s obvious! The complete and regular removal of food particles, the major reason for progressions of harmful bacteria, reduces the risk of bacterial diseases. The Silodent oral irrigator is a very valuable tool for dental and oral care. The use of the oral irrigator is intended for anyone who takes the daily dental care seriously. Also, but not only, for people with bridges, crowns, implants, brackets or acute tooth or gum problems.

The Silodent oral irrigator cleans the interdental spaces completely and gently with the power of pure water. It removes all food particles and the harmful soft plaque that forms between the teeth. This cleans the teeth from all sides and significantly disrupts the mass of bacteria. This happens gently without injuring the gums. After only two weeks your oral hygiene is significantly improved. You will feel the difference! You need only a tap of fresh water to operate Silodent. Neither extra space nor electricity is needed in the bathroom. The strength and temperature of the water jet produced by the irrigator can be easily adjustable. It is easy to use and suitable for traveling at any time.

With an oral irrigator, you can completely remove food leftovers. This reduces harmful bacteria and ensures healthy teeth and perfect oral hygiene.
The Silodent irrigator works and cleans your teeth without electricity, only with the natural and gentle power of water.

The Silodent irrigator is very suitable for:

  • Removal of interdental food particles
  • Cleaning the teeth and interdental spaces
  • Reduction of oral germs and plaque (without own mouthwash)
  • Reduction of existing and prevention of new gingivitis
  • Prevention of tooth decay
  • Cleaning fixed bridges, crowns, brackets and braces
  • Massage and increased blood circulation of the gums
  • Help against bad breath

Numerous tests and medical studies have proved that a combination of usage of the toothbrush in the combination with the oral irrigator is the most effective method for cleaning teeth and interdental spaces. No food particles remain and the reduction of germs in the mouth optimally prevent caries, gingivitis and bad breath.

The Silodent irrigator is supplied with all necessary accessories for multiple users. After just two weeks your oral hygiene is significantly improved.
The Silodent Oral Irrigator is the perfect and innovative supplement for daily oral care at home.

Achieve the “gold standard” of oral hygiene at home:

Healthy teeth for a lifetime!

What are the advantages the Silodent Oral Irrigator compared to other (electric) oral irrigators?

  • Easy to handle. Once at the faucet – then only turn on the faucet and clean immediately
  • Your water comes straight from the pipe. Without water tank, without stagnant water and germs
  • Without electricity with a small footprint in the bathroom. As much water as necessary
  • Temperature and strength of the water jet adapt to your needs. At any time and exactly how it is pleasant
  • They are inconspicuously reminiscent of cleaning (always in front of your eyes) and it only takes two minutes a day
  • Due to its low weight and small size it is also suitable for traveling. Many adapters for most countries in the world are available
  • Each item is individually and self-exchangeable and very affordable for everybody

What are advantages of the Silodent Oral Irrigator compared to other types of interdental cleaning?

  • Pleasant and safe. Water is more beneficial than hard objects and can not hurt the gums
  • Water always finds its way and safely removes all food particles and soft plaque
  • You only need the Silodent irrigator once and have no running costs